Buying, blending and satisfying ever-changing tastesEstablished in 1966 to function as the export arm of the Bartleet Group, Unitrades main export line has ever been tea – in bulk, in cartons and packets, in the form of tea bags and most recently, a wide range of presentation packs in tin caddies and wooden boxes.

As a Group, over 100 years of experience in the tea industry gives us a distinct advantage in buying, blending and satisfying the changing demands of a sophisticated and ever evolving market.

Our stated aim is to delight our customers … and this intention, while simply stated, is no sinecure to deliver, for, where tea is concerned, there are as many customer preferences as there are tea varieties ! Tea varies from district to district, changes from elevation to elevation; sun, rain and mist each leave their distinctive mark … and every tea estate or garden produces its own quite unique flavour characteristic.

Skillful buying and expert blending achieve the greatly-prized consistent quality enjoyed by our customers in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Belorussia, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Chile, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Iran Saudi Arabia and Seychelles.

We have been successful in introducing and exporting a wide range of high value added flavoured specialty teas with flower petals and fruit pieces in tin caddies to the consumers world-wide.

We are affiliated to the Colombo Tea Traders’ Association, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Exporters’ Association of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Tea Board & Export Development Board.

Tea is highly competitive trade internationally and the company plans to increase its export volume by extending product lines as well as by more aggressive marketing to capture new markets.